Cult Creator 72mm 83a slide jam special wheel


Cult Creator 72mm 83a slide jam special wheel

Price is for a set of four wheels

This wheel out of all other, will let you create the biggest slides. Everything about this wheel is focused on one thing - long slides. 

The Neurothane formula this wheel is poured in can only be described as ultra slidey. Cult have used a big core that supports the urethane. The contact patch is a small 28mm compared to the width of the wheel which is 40mm. This is becasue it has a big rounded edge. All this adds up to a wheel that just blasts slides like you can't believe. The downside is icing out is real, sometimes those slides get the better of you. 

If you board can handle a 72mm without wheelbite, and you want to be the slide action hero, buy these ones.

  • Diameter: 72mm
  • Width: 40mm
  • Contact Patch: 28mm
  • Durometer: 83a
  • Lip Profile: Round
  • Core Placement: Slight offset