Diego || Max Heaton Photography Print


Diego || Max Heaton Photography Print

In 2022 I went on EuroTour not expecting much, I found myself in Romania with arguably the best follow-car driver of this generation and couldn’t resist going for a ride along. This year after I heard Luke Spud was going to be in Spain filming my old friend Lars Troutwine the crew and I made the decision to go on one big side quest. We went to Spain and Portugal with the best crew since the Greener Pastures days, and once again got to hang out of a window and capture the epic moments for you all to enjoy. These types of photos open up the perspective of what it’s like to film this crazy activity, it still blows my mind every time we do it.

I captured Diego in the South of Spain on one of the best pieces of pavement I’ve ever seen and stoked to deliver some material from it. 

The profits from this image will be used to offset the trip costs from Spain and Portugal, we spent 15 days capturing imagery for an “off-the-rip” project which we hope to deliver by the end of the year. My endless gratitude to those who purchase a print, it really does put food on my table.



What are you getting?

Each photo has been picked by Max as a standout and worth to be framed on a wall. It has been printed on quality A3 stock at a professional print laboratory. The size of the print is 297mm x 420mm. It is a heavy grade of paper, similar to a printed photograph. It is shipped in a cardboard cylinder. Here is the process:

Max is not involved in the printing this time!! There will be no Max-delays. Max has outsourced the printing, once an order has been received we book it online with the printer and it gets shipped direct to you from the printer with notifications and tracking.    

Who is Max Heaton?

Professional photographer, downhill skateboarder and deeply connected to the community and events management. Max has traveled the World Cup circuit as a racer, an IDF and World Skate representative and also as a photographer. His collection of photos is one of the best in the world. 

All proceeds of this sale (excluding local taxes) go to the photographer (Max), Hopkin Skate takes no commission. 

Support Max while he is overseas

Max has quit his job, bought a one way ticket to Europe and is following the Downhill Skate Pro tour in Europe and possibly America. If you follow downhill skaters online you have see his photos, they are amazing for those of us stuck at home. If you dream of big buttery mountain passes, help Max document them and bring some extra colour to our world. Every cent of these photo sales goes to Max.