DSCO Smart skate tool


DSCO Smart skate tool

DSCO Smart skate tool.

This is a copy of the Paris skate tool, but don't be upset, Paris stole the design from Project!

There are a lot of skate tools on the market, this one is simply the best.

It is a T tool design but comes apart and fits into itself to make a small cylinder that is easily carried.

The whole design has a lot of advantages like making it light and durable. The best part is it can be used with long bolts. Slalom racers know what I am talking about. When a bolt is a bit too long, other T tools have a limit inside, which means you can't tighten the nut on a long bolt. However this hollow design means long bolts are never a problem.


  • 3/8" socket for mounting hardware
  • 1/2" socket for axle nuts
  • 9/16" socket for kingpins
  • Removable Allen and Phillips head wrenches