Freebrake Grip Soles (set of 2)


Freebrake Grip Soles (set of 2)

Price is for a set of TWO soles

Freebrake soles are one of the best footbrake soles on the market.  

Skate big hills with confidence, stops you wearing big holes in your shoes. 

Industrial rubber with tread. 

How to apply a footbrake sole to your shoe?
You could take it to a cobbler and get them to do it or you can do what most longboarders do - apply it themselves. We have a complete guide on the blog, here is a  simplified version is:

1. Sand and clean the sole of the shoe - you need a good surface to stick to.
2. Use Quickgrip glue on the rubber and shoe sole.
3. Apply pressure (weight) to the shoe for several hours, best results overnight. Pressure must be applied evenly on nose and heel for best results.
4. Cut off excess material around the sole.

Sole size?
34cm x 13cm
Will fit most size soles.