Hopkin Black Rainbow Convict 33 OG cruiser complete


Hopkin Black Rainbow Convict 33 OG cruiser complete

These boards are a collaboration with Tasmanian skateboard builder Black Rainbow (Alistair Morgan).

The idea is we use cheaper overseas pressed blanks and Alistair at Blank Rainbow uses his design and woodshop skills to create an original shape. We are creating a price point deck, that is high quality but still supports local Australian woodshop and local downhill scene.

We are calling this deck series the Convict. An imported criminal but shaped locally. 

Pressed with Canadian hard rock maple with an epoxy infused middle core. The result is a crazy light deck but stiff. Has the right amount of flex for carving and pumping. 

These decks come as a raw skin, no graphics, just natural wood to show the grain and cut. They are sealed. 

Concave is a simple taco, plenty of room for your feet, the concave give you a natural foot placement and does not lock you into a stance. You can use foam, wedges or inserts to create a custom concave. 

Length: 33 inch (84cm)

Width: 9.85 inch (25cm)

Wheelbase is 19 inch to 22 inch 

We have set this board up with Paris V3 180 trucks in green and matched the truck colour with purple 78a Savannah Slammas. 

This set up a super cool carvey feel. It feels like a magic carpet ride. Heaps of room for your feet, carves like a dream. Just enough concave to feel where you are on the board. 

This deck was built for everything. Downhill, freeride, big skids and cruising! 

The width is what makes this board special. Modern decks are getting narrower, where is a deck built for 10 inch trucks? Here it. 

This is how we will be setting our completes with this deck.

Paris 180 or Caliber 184mm in 50 degree with a 70mm wheel. For cruising and carving we will use the Savannah Slamma or the 72mm Farley. For more slidely wheel the 70mm Optimo. 

Our crazy combo for dodging pedestrians and pumping and carving on a top mount cruiser is Paris 150 in 50/43 split with 68mm 3DM Avalons. 

 All these completes will be in the Longboard Complete section soon!

These decks come shipped with standard black griptape

Deck: 33 x 10 OG Convct deck gripped
Trucks: Paris 180 V3 trucks
Wheels: Remember Collective 70mm 78a Savannah Slamma
Bearings: Seismic Tekton classic