Kebbek Libre 69mm freeride wheel with bearings


Kebbek Libre 69mm freeride wheel with bearings

Like a butterball these wheels will make you want to slide every day. They ease into the slide well but can take a few mm of urethane to start to get into that buttery patch. The urethane makes the ease out of the slide awesome, you can wait...and bring them back a bit slower making bigger slides even easier.

80a will suit younger lighter riders, who are looking for big thane lines.
83a for longer slides but less thane lines (they are blue) 

Why not install bearings in new wheels? Makes sense and gives the skater extra value. These wheels come with Hype Free bearings and spacers installed! 


Colour: White 80a, Blue 83a
Hardness: 80a or 83a
Size: 69mm
Lip: rounded edge

Includes Kebbek Hype Free bearings installed with spacers