Pantheon Chase Hiller pro model "The Chaisy"


Pantheon Chase Hiller pro model "The Chaisy"

The Pantheon Chaisy exists. What started as an internet meme, has arrived. The name and meme came from the combination of a Sector 9 Daisy and the Chase Hiller Pro model. Just cutting a Chase deck into a Daisy shape would never work. A year of design, shape and construction testing, has gone into the final board, which has gone into production.

The Chaisy breaks the mold of the modern downhill race longboard and sets a new standard. It is truly a one-of-a-kind design.  

The front wheel wells have been flared and combined the flare with a crescent drop so that there’s plenty of wheel clearance despite this deck having a 3/8″ micro drop, which is quite rare. Furthermore, the truck mounting area has been brought forward, tightly integrated into the drop is an angled flush mount to the tune of a positive 3 degrees. This angled flush gives the board some directionality. Pantheon has also have made the wheel wells thinner at the edge of the board, to help reduce wheel bite. 

The Chase deck has a unique mustache rocker design. The platform is quite tight, everything fits into a 22.75″ wheelbase between two microdrops. You stand on the deck, you know where your feet are going, it is like sticking your feet into bindings. You are going to be really locked in on this board!

Some of the magical features of the deck design is the mysterious W concave. The W-concave comes out of the camber peak in the centre. The rear foot platform drops down out of the center camber. The end result is that the W-concave, although clearly formed in the back of the board, seems to sort of appear out of nowhere. It is really noticeable if you push mongo (rear foot is balance foot), this uniformity in the center is far less awkward than most W-concaves.

The Chaisy has side rails of steez! Your rear toe has a functional drop to push on, a W-concave, and also a flatter rail on the toe side, which all meld together into a platform that keeps your foot really solid and your board under control. This is the same for the front, but opposite. Your front outside of your foot will be locked in on the backside of a curved drop, the inside of your forefoot has plenty of concave for toe side turning leverage, and the heel concave drops down into something a little more mellow and comfortable, so that when you’re making those heel side turns and slides, you’re making full contact with the board and your foot is staying put.

Finally, the whole rear end swoops up into a kicktail. Yes, you have a functional, ollieable kicktail on this race-worthy board. You can travel with this board and race it down a hill, and then putz around in the streets later that night as you’re bar-hopping.

Pantheon artist Eddie Kihm worked with Chase to come up with a graphic that expressed his love for traveling and skating. The final artwork features graphical representations of some of Chase’s favorite places to skate. Hong Kong, South Korea, Romania, Philippines, and Colombia. 


Length: 37 inch (93.7cm)
Width: 9.44 inch (24cm)
Wheelbase: 22.75 and 23.75 inch (57.8 and 60cm)
Construction: Top mount micro drop with flush cut truck mounts made from 6 ply Maple Core. Triaxial Glass Top/Bottom and a Maple Veneer Top/Bottom