Paris 180mm V3 50 degree sage green longboard trucks


Paris 180mm V3 50 degree sage green longboard trucks

** Sold as set of TWO trucks **

When you need a subtle bit of colour to highlight the graphics on your deck, these trucks are like a drop shadow on a longboard. They make any graphic pop without being too loud. Stealth mode.

This is version 3 of the Paris RKP (reverse kingpin truck). Same beloved Paris design with some new upgrades and improvements! The V3 is the biggest redesign since the Paris was introduced. The hangers and shoulders have more material, the baseplate is stronger. Pivot cup is bigger. The 43 degree and 50 degree trucks have the same ride height so you can ride split degree trucks. 

The Paris 180mm is the all-around and perfect any terrain longboard truck. These are able to handle anything and everything you could possibly throw at them. The 180mm hanger is the perfect go-to size for most decks and compliments all riding styles. Baseplate angle is 50 degrees, which provides the perfect balance between stability and manoeuvrability.

Paris V3 trucks are produced using the new Paris proprietary alloy forming process, which utilises techniques derived from casting, extrusion and forging. This gives the V3 a molecular structure that provides strength far beyond any other cast truck on the market.

The new manufacturing process also allows a true T6 heat-treatment, offering further durability.

Paris has redesigned the hanger’s barrel and shoulders adding more material, and reinforced the baseplate with an additional support beam to increase strength and reduce acute stress to the area.

The kingpins have been modified making them tougher and more resilient and the baseplates come equipped with hand-poured, 96a urethane pivot cups, which provide an ultra-smooth turn and return to centre.


Ride Paris V3 180mm trucks if:

  • you ride a 9” to 10″ wide board
  • you want a perfect all-around truck

The Paris V3 Features:

  • Axle width:  9.6” (245mm)
  • Weight: 16.3 oz (462 grams)
  • Proprietary Alloy Forming Process
  • True T6 Heat Treatment
  • Stronger, Redesigned Hanger
  • SCM440 Alloy Steel Axles
  • Improved 90a Urethane Bushing Formula
  • Redesigned Conical Bushing Shape
  • Lighter, Reinforced Baseplate
  • Redesigned SCM435 Alloy Steel Kingpins
  • 96a Hand Poured Urethane Pivot Cups
  • 50° Baseplate Marker Symbols
  • Matches Ride Height of Paris 43° Baseplates

Axle to Axle length is 9.6 inch

Bolt hardware and risers are not included, must be ordered separately.