Remember Collective California Cruisers 70mm 78a Pink longboard wheel


Remember Collective California Cruisers 70mm 78a Pink longboard wheel

These wheels are designed for hard carving, pushing, pumping, and bombing your favourite local hills. 

They are not really a sliding wheel, but they do have a stone ground finish you normally see on a slide wheel. You can do small speed checks as you're rounding a tight corner, they easily hook back up. Fresh out of the box, they are grippy and can hold tight carve lines. 

The softer urethane makes for a smooth ride on any surface but does come at the cost of speed. They are not the fastest wheel, and might disappoint commuters looking for a big push speed. It is more of a chill cruise wheel.   

Overall they are our best price cruising carving wheel. So much fun and in every colour for you to match with your deck colour!

Words From Remember:

Remember's Cali Cruiser's have all of the things you associated with California. Chill vibes, beach cruising, and good times. These wheels are stone ground, so throw a skid or two as you're mobbing down the beach path. The 78a formula gives you all the grip you need to nail those hairpin corners of the city.


  • Diameter: 70mm
  • Hardness: 78a 
  • Contact Patch Width: 50mm 
  • Wheel Color:  Purple
  • Lip Profile: Rounded outer lip, sharp inner lip
  • Stone ground finish