RipTide APS Short Street Cone and Street Barrel skateboard bushing kit


RipTide APS Short Street Cone and Street Barrel skateboard bushing kit

** Set of 4 bushings enough for a set of skateboard trucks **

The kit everyone has been asking for is here: perfect combo for your street trucks.

Why don't my trucks turn? It is your crap standard bushings. Upgrade to Riptide and upgrade your skating!

The Street cone bushings offer the lowest resistance and stability of the shapes addressed here and can allow your trucks to easily achieve their full lean and turn.

These kits are designed for traditional kingpin trucks, and will help you bring a high level of control over your equipment.  If your setup performs the way you want it to, you have a much better chance of doing what you want to do - whether that means landing a seemingly impossible trick, controlling a massive drop at high speeds, dealing with rough roads, eliminating wheelbite, executing fluid moves during a vert session or pumping mad lines in the bowl.  

  • Hard durometer bushings (97.5a - 95a) for heavier weight riders & are designed for those looking for a very stable setup .
  • Medium durometers (90a-85a) for lighter skaters looking for a stable set up or heavier skaters wanting carve and lean.
  • Soft durometers (80a-75a) get your janky skate on, if you are a normal weight skater and want responsive trucks, these are your bushings. Remember: Loose Trucks Saves Lives. 
  • Super soft durometers (70a-60a) are for lightweight, or young riders or super carvey setups. If you are setting up a children's skateboard and they are complaining about the trucks, super soft bushings are your friend. 



  • Ships with 2 large cupped washers and 2 small cupped washers
  • Sized to fit properly in conventional "Indy-style" trucks
  • Custom APS Urethane Formula for ultra-performance and sweet rebound
  • Cones are .975" Dia x .4" High (24.77mm Dia x 10.2mm High)
  • Barrels are .975" Dia x .5" High (24.77mm Dia x 12.7mm High)
  • Stiffer bushings will result in a more resistant board, which can be an advantage when performing tricks - lightweight riders may benefit from lower duro's. 
  • The ShortStreetCone offers wicked turnability