RipTide KranK Short Street Cone skateboard bushings


RipTide KranK Short Street Cone skateboard bushings

**Sold as set of 2 **

Sold as Pair with Small Cupped Washers & a Sticker

The ShortStreetCone / StreetCone setup is for those looking for a very carvy or surfy feel. 

The ShortStreetCone / StreetBarrel setup is for those looking for a carvy or surfy feel but with a bit more stability.  With this choice the resistance is more constant or linear throughout the range of motion. 

 .975" Dia x .40" High (24.77mm Dia x 10.20mm High)

  • Harder KranK durometer bushings (93a-96a) are for heavier-weight riders as harder durometer bushings allow for a nice tight set-up
  • Softer KranK durometer bushings (87a) are best for lightweight riders as well as for those looking for a looser setup in the RoadSide position when coupled with a harder duro bushing.

PLEASE NOTE:  The KranK Formula has quite a bit of adjustability - so order accordingly!  You can tighten the kingpin nut up to two full turns to 'harden' or 'loosen' the duro.

  • Stiffer bushings will result in a more resistant board, which can be an advantage when performing tricks - medium weight riders may benefit from mixing duro's roadside & boardside.  (See guide links below)
  • The StreetCone offers wicked turnability
  • Pair with  Street Barrels- ideal for carving, freestyle & tricks
  • Mix duro's &/or shapes to custom-fit your style.