Rocket DH Scout skateboard longboard


Rocket DH Scout skateboard longboard

Based on the proven shape of the Classic Scout, Rocket has developed the DownHill Scout. Previously a downhill version of the Scout was a special order, now everyone can have one!

It is speed stiff and thanks to its sharp edges it offers more grip at higher speeds. The asymmetrical banana rocker descends slightly in the front and raises steeper in the back to form the tail. A short convex part behind the back truck anatomically adapts to your feet. This makes the tail super comfortable to stand on and creates a nice pocket for your stand up slides. The slight flares give you some reference points for your front foot without limiting your stance.

The front truck is wedged 3° while the back truck stays levelled out. The DH Scout is made of maple and black-colored flax fibers. The dampening properties of the flax fibers are particularly evident at high speeds. They make the board stable and ensure a smooth slide. The fact that they absorb vibrations also gives them more grip in corners. This board was actually designed for people who like to ride fast on short wheelbases, but it is also suitable as a city or pump track board for heavier riders.

The Scout is where the Old School meets the New School. 

Additional Information


32.5” / 82.5 cm


9” / 23 cm


Old School: 19.3” – 21” / 49 – 53.5 cm
New School 18.3" / 46.5cm


0.47” / 12 cm


SFI-certified Canadian maple, Natural flax fiber, Embossed ABS topsheet