Rocket Pool Scout skateboard


Rocket Pool Scout skateboard

You can’t reinvent the skateboard...but Rocket has used their knowledge from building downhill boards to make it better!

Using a completely new mold, designed with the focus of building a better bowl and vert deck. Instead of the usual radial concave this deck as been press with a tub concave that gives a better grip and a more natural board feeling.

The biggest innovation is the Comfortail. Invented by Rocket 3 years ago when they designed the Classic Scout and it has been a feature much loved by many skaters. A short convex part behind the back truck anatomically adapts to the riders foot. This makes the tail super comfortable to stand on and prevents the foot from slipping. Another innovation is the revolutionary construction. The boards are made of maple and natural flax fibers. Each board is individually pressed with epoxy resin. This ensures that they are stronger, have more pop and are more durable than normal boards. The most important thing, however, is that the boards ride more smoothly because the flax fibers absorb a lot of vibrations. Thanks to this vibration damping and Rocket's CNC milled wheel wells, risers or shock pads are no longer necessary. Yes, you are reading that correct = loose Indies with 58mm wheels without risers! The specially positioned wheel wells give maximum wheel clearance without breaking the edge of the board and creating a weak point. Last but not least, Rocket has used an ABS sheet to the bottom that protects the fibers and creates a smooth slide.

The ultimate skateboard has arrived. 

Additional Information


32″ / 81.2 cm


9” / 23 cm8.5″ or 9″ / 21.6 or 23 cm


15″ / 38 cm


0.47″ / 12 mm


SFI-certified Canadian maple, Natural flax fiber, Embossed ABS topsheet