Rocket Scout classic complete


Rocket Scout classic complete

This skateboard has been built for fun! It is really a longboard, or a mini longboard?

If you are looking for a board that does everything, you have found it. We hate to say the cliche of it is the swiss army knife of boards, but it really is. 

The Scout perfectly blends all the best bits of a longboard, a skateboard and a cruiser.

You can skate this on the road, footpath, bike track, pump track, even carving around the skatepark. It will excel just carving and pushing around your local or at the beach, pumping the boardwalk, chilling carving up the carpark. 

About the board...

The concave is rocker, which means the centre is the lowest point of the deck. The tail is steep at the back, and makes a nice pocket for your feet. The slight flares on the side  give you some reference points for your feet, without limiting your stance. The nose is wedged a bit and gives your front truck an extra 3°. We have set this one up in a unique combination, 50 degree Paris 150 at the front and a 43 degree Paris 150 trucks on the back. The front truck will will be extra turny, it will feel light and nimble.  The 43 at the back will give the deck stability at speed or push if you want to pump the board. The front will carve in, the back will give you drive, master the technique and you will rule the pump track or or pump around on the flat ground and never push!

Any 65mm to 75mm wheel will work on this set up. We are using the 69mm Hot Spot because of it's performance. When you need it to be fast or stick in a carve it will but will break out and slide when you need to stop. 

With all this amazing gear, you need ceramic bearings, and Zealous have one of the best names in longboarding for quality. It is what we ride, and what we like to recommend.

This board comes to you assembled and ready to skate. This board might need to be personally customised, please check for wheelbite which varies due to rider weight and rider style. 

Deck length: 32.5” / 82.5 cm
Deck width: 9” / 23 cm
Trucks: Paris 150s 43 degree
Wheels: 69mm Hot Spots 
Bearings: Ceramic Zealous with builtin spacers
Hardware: Stainless steel buttonhead bolts that will never rust.