Rocket Classic Scout skateboard longboard


Rocket Classic Scout skateboard longboard

Where old school meets new school you find the Scout: a good old banana rocker combined with some new elements like wheel well flares in the front and Rocket's Comfortail in the back.

Rocket have perfectly blended all the best bits of a longboard, a skateboard and a cruiser. This deck has been handmade in Switzerland by a master craftsman. A Ferrari of skateboards!

You won’t find a flat spot on the Scout.

The asymmetrical banana rocker descends slightly in the front and raises steeper in the back to form the tail. A short convex part behind the back truck anatomically adapts to your feet. This makes the tail super comfortable to stand on and creates a nice pocket for your stand up slides. The slight flares give you some reference points for your front foot without limiting your stance. The front truck is wedged 3° while the back truck stays levelled out. This makes the board more agile and responsive. Thanks to all these features and the variable wheelbase options the Scout feels at home on the mountains as well as in the city and on the pump track. It will be your new everyday companion. Anywhere you go.

For 2021 Rocket made the tail a little longer to give the board more pop. In addition, it is now also being built in Rocket's maple / flax construction. It’s deliberately not made completely stiff in order to maintain a certain liveliness. So it is smooth and fun to ride. If you are after a downhill stiff Scout, there is a downhill version in 2021!

The Scout is where the Old School meets the New School. 

Additional Information


32.5” / 82.5 cm


9” / 23 cm


Old School: 19.3” – 21” / 49 – 53.5 cm
New School 18.3" / 46.5cm


0.47” / 12 cm


SFI-certified Canadian maple, Natural flax fiber, Embossed ABS topsheet