Ronin 114-124mm CNC Katana black downhill trucks


Ronin 114-124mm CNC Katana black downhill trucks

**Sold as pair of TWO trucks **

Ronin make one of the best downhill race trucks in the world. With my guessimation: has more podium wins than any other truck. It is simply the best design truck for going fast.

These trucks are from the last production before Fred's death (Fred was the founder and design genius behind Ronin). The last production run had the incorrect font engraved on teh hangers.

The Ronin Katana is the culmination of everything Ronin has learned, experienced and accomplished up to this point as a team. They keep pushing the boundaries and fine tuning the trucks to perfection, the Katana has several updates that help make tuning and racing that much easier for you. Like the previous generations of Ronin Precision Trucks, Katana’s are guaranteed not to break or bend.

There are 4 major changes to the truck, highlighting many months of testing, talking and podium results.

1. The hanger has been shortened, these trucks are the smallest width = 114mm. They can be spaced to 124mm. Despite popular belief, narrower is not less stable. What you get is a quicker turning truck that allows you to better apply your weight on the wheels. The cleaner you are through the turn, the faster you go, and narrower setups provide this.

2. Due to the new narrow hanger width, Ronin redesigned the axles. Still partially hollowed like the kingpins. They also beefed up the shoulder for better assembly and clearance for big race wheels. 

3. Ronin gave the pivot more surface area and a tighter fit to help control lean progression and steering. This increases resistance on the pivot tube so that your bushings are not doing so much of the work, allowing you to run a wider range of bushing durometres. It also keeps the pivot tube tighter as it breaks in, so your parts feel better and last longer.

4. An all new bushing seat. Instead of a normal flat bushing seat, the new Ronin bushing seat is dished. When correctly tightened the bushing compresses into the dish creating a preload. This load makes the truck snappier and more responsive, while also making them much more stable and solid when turning. This is because the bushing is completely touching the hanger for a longer amount of time when you are leaning. The walls of the bushing dish have also been brought in closer to add compression at the end of your lean, preventing wheel bite and over steer. The new dish has really made the Katana feel much cleaner and smoother through the range of the trucks action. 


  • Width: 114-124mm
  • Front Baseplate Angle: 45 degree
  • Rear Baseplate Angle: 25 degree
  • Geometry: Reverse Kingpin
  • Rake: 5 Degrees
  • Color: Black