Seismic Speed Vent 73mm 77a Bubblegum Defcon longboard wheels


Seismic Speed Vent 73mm 77a Bubblegum Defcon longboard wheels

If Doctor Evil created a wheel, it would be this one. Nothing about this wheel is normal. Everything about it is designed around maximum performance.

The core: Look at the wheels on your board, and then everyone elses. Notice the same core? It is the standard generic core everyone uses. Why? Because it is cheap. If you are making wheels, do it cheap, so you make more money. Or do what Seismic do, make a wheel for a purpose, forget about what it costs, do it right. That's why their wheels are associated with speed, records and winning. If you want to look good buy an orangatang, if you want to win, buy this wheel.

The secret of the 73mm by Seismic Speed Vent is the weight-saving Energy Conversion (EC) hub. The hub lightens the wheel but the size gives it a big roll speed. Get the idea? Have you ever seen Misco racing, and he gets those huge accelerations and then sharp dives into corners and around other racers? Big roll speed, lightness of the smaller wheel. Just don't tell your mates the secret of your new found speed.

You wont much this Defcon formula around, we had to get them smuggled into the country by a travelling circus acrobat. 

  • Diameter: 73mm
  • Width: 54mm
  • Contact Patch: 54mm
  • Durometer: 77a
  • Core Placement: Offset
  • Lip Profile: Sharp
  • Wheel Surface: Smooth