Venom Downhill Barrel Money Bag (10 bushings)


Venom Downhill Barrel Money Bag (10 bushings)

Original Venom Money bag with Downhill barrels

This is the current mini money bag. Has ten bushings - five pairs. 

What you get:
2x - 85A HPF Barrel (Yellow)
2x - 87A HPF Barrel (Purple)
2x - 90A HPF Barrel (Red)
2x - 93A HPF Barrel (Green)
2x - 95A HPF Barrel (Glow in the Dark)

All wrapped up in a venom hesh bag for easy carry!

Why Downhill Barrel bushings?

These bushings are built to be the best longboard bushing full stop.

The double barrels offer supreme stability and control at high speeds. Crank these baby's down and be sure to skate safe! Made in the U.S.A. using a unique urethane enabling a higher rebound to help you get back on your line!!

To get more turn out of these bushings without having them loose, try flipping the top washer and cranking the nut down tight. This will allow more steer from your trucks while still keeping them tight and stable.

Use Atopic sleeved washer to make a softer bushing more stable. This allows you to use a softer bushing for a heavier weight class. Use a softer bushing for freeriding and then use the sleeved washers to make the duro tighter for downhill and racing.

Not just for downhill. You can replace the barrel bushing on your standard longboard truck with this barrel, it is the same size. Combine them with your original cone bushing, you have a whole bag of bushings to play with!!