Venom Eliminator Bushings HPF


Venom Eliminator Bushings HPF

Go to any major slalom racing competition and you'll find the original Tracker Stimulator bushing on some of the fastest boards. This bushing has almost mythical status in the OG racing community. No longer made, the last stock on eBay sold for hundreds of dollars. Hop uses these on his slalom set ups.

Fast forward to modern urethane bushing makers. Venom has its own "Stim" = the eliminator. Kevin Reimer use to use the Eliminator as a top bushing "the eliminator gives it a progressive turn, as in as you turn more it becomes harder to turn and eventually get to the natural end of the turn. The barrel on the bottom leaves it open I think it does not restrict it too much"

When you use an Eliminator, it is the shape that makes it special. The squat shape gives you the duro you want but it does not give you the full turn. You notice it will snap back fast to centre after the turn. This is why slalom skaters loved the "Stim", that return to centre. You use this bushing if you want to stop wheelbite or you want a tighter set up to eliminate wob or create more stability in your racing. Best combined with barrels. You want a few different duros for your race kit.

Each packet contains two bushings enough for one truck.

Weight guide:

  • 55kg and below = 81a - 78a
  • 55-65kg = 85a - 81a
  • 65-75kg = 87a or 85a
  • 75-85kg = 90a - 87a
  • 85kg + = 93a - 97a