Venom HITP Cannibals 72mm 80a wheels


Venom HITP Cannibals 72mm 80a wheels

Hard In The Paint Venom Cannibals is made for fast freeride or spots that has technical corners. The sharp lip of this wheel gives you more grip when taking corner, and gives predictable slides when you want to. This wheel is great for high speed freeride and breaks free much better, if you want to do some slides.

"Seriously, these wheels just sh*t ‘thane. Expect to leave the road covered in white ‘thane lines after your session while experiencing slide-control like never before. Our team couldn’t be happier with how much fun these wheels are in everyday riding. Grab a set, we Promise Monstrous Skids with the new Hard In The Paint wheel lineup." - Venom

**Cobra Core Feature**

  • Fiberglass Reinforced
  • Stiffer core that helps even the wear


  •  Diameter: 72mm
  •  Width: 60mm
  •  Cobra Core
  •  Alignment: Slightly offset