A short film called Pastrana

By reliving memories, images and conversations, downhill skateboarder Melissa Brogni seeks to build a tribute to her friend Pastrana. As she reclaims the past, with the help of her friends and family, Pastrana's inherent presence helps her fill the silence and better understand time.

I really enjoyed this film, it shares Pastrana's life that is unknown outside of Brazil. You get a glimpse into the Brazilian scene, their love for downhill, and why Pastrana was so special. 


A short film by Melissa Brogni and Gabriel Motta. Features Melissa Brogni, Allysson Pastrana, Miguel Moreira, Allyce Freitas Moreira, Carlos Paixão, Cristian Henz, Victor Ludwig, João Berlitz, Joseane Nascimento, Luciano Wiest.

How to watch the film?

You need to register an account with Portacurtas. To get English subtitles, use the Chrome settings below. Got to Chrome settings and then Accessibility and turn on Live Caption and then add languages English and Portuguese, then turn on Live Translate. 

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