Caliber 2

On this page you will find all the products you can upgrade your second generation Caliber trucks. New bushings and pivot cups is the fastest way to change a trucks performance. Either making an old truck like new or changing the way a truck skates.

Every product on this page is compatible and works with your Caliber trucks.

Notes on bushings:
The Calibers come with a "plug" style bushing on the boardside. The purpose is the eliminate and slop and fully support the kingpin/hanger. The bushing seat is stepped. If you are going to replace bushings and you want a perfect fit you need a 1" bushing. Industry standard size bushing is .96". Putting a standard barrel in the Caliber 2 bushing seat and there is a small amount of play. The barrel bushing you need is the Riptide Canon bushing which is a 1 inch barrel.   

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