Carver CX3

On this page you will find all the products you can upgrade your Carver CX3 trucks. New bushings and pivot cups are the fastest way to change a truck's performance. Either making an old truck like new or changing the way a truck skates. Truck squeaking is commonly caused by pivot cups and bushings. The urethane used on Riptide pivots is self lubricating which means the cups do not dry out and squeak. 

The standard Carver CX3 truck bushings are all cone shaped. Our standard cone bushings are a good replacement. If you are unsure of what duro then buy the Krank cones in a softer duro. As you tighten the nut it hardens the bushing, so you can use the kingpin nut to customise the bushing to how you like it. 

Replacing the standard tall cone with a barrel bushing can improve the responsiveness of the truck. If you like a quick return to centre for fast pumping and carving then Riptide APS Barrels, you you are looking for a more fluid deep lean in your carves then use Riptide WFB bushings. 

Every product on this page is compatible and works with your Carver trucks.

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