LDP trucks

Any truck can be used for long distance pumping if it is set up correctly and paired with the right board. The Paris 149 street truck would normally not be in this category but put on a Pantheon Pranayama deck and it is the best compact LDP set up in the world! We have not put 180 trucks (10 inch wide) in this category, mainly because skaters have moved away from wide boards. Paris 180s on a Loaded Dervish is a super fun push and LDP set up but not as competitive as a Pantheon Supersonic. One of our inhouse boards is a Rambler with 180 Seismic in a 30/45 split and it is a super fun pump and push set up. The general LDP trend is smaller trucks, so that is what we have listed here. The best LDP trucks are split angle. For example the Paris 150 trucks work best in a 50/43 split. The 43 at the back and 50 at the front. This creates a turny front that initiates the pump, and a stiff back truck to drive power.
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