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      Tensor Aluminium

      Tensor Aluminium - /collections/tensor-aluminium

      On this page you will find all the products you can upgrade your Tensor Aluminium skateboard trucks. New bushings and pivot cups is the fastest way to change a truck's performance. Either making an old truck like new or changing the way a truck skates.

      Every product on this page is compatible and works with your Tensor trucks.

      Bring your trucks back to life?

      Replace your pivot, and upgrade your bushings using standard street cones and barrels.

      Stop wheel bite?

      Bushings can be used to restrict a trucks turning angle and eliminate wheel bite without using risers. Replace the roadside barrel with a fatcone bushing. 
      If your bushings are worn out or blown out, then replacing them might give enough resistance to stop the wheel bite.

      My trucks don't turn! 

      Standard bushings are crap, sometimes they feel more plastic than urethane! If you don't know which duro to buy then get the Krank. These bushings are unique in they can be tightened and it will harden the bushing, not below it out. They can be tightened two nut turns from a standard resistance. Don't be afraid to buy softer bushings. If they are too loose, then tighten the kingpin nut.

      I need a quick response from my trucks

      If you want your trucks to return to centre quickly, then use APS urethane bushings. This urethane has a quick response, and will return to centre like magic.