Blood Orange 82a Jammerz longboard wheels


Blood Orange 82a Jammerz longboard wheels

** Sold as set of FOUR wheels **

The Blood Orange Jammerz has a durometer of 82a which is great for both carving and sliding down the road. The Jammerz wheel is great because of the Liam Morgan Formula (LMF) which leaves less thane marks on the ground, easier to manage and easy to break free when you want to initiate a slide.

60mm wheel is more for the tech sliding or setting up a double kick that will easily throw a slide.

66mm is perfect dance wheel. Light weight, fast roll speed and you get a beautiful slide when you need it. These wheels will not let you down when you need to stomp that trick you are learning.

69mm is your freeride friend. These are a fast slidey wheel, much like a butterball but they slide on the road not in it. Long lasting, slide for days. 


  • Size: 60mm, 66mm, and 69mm
  • Duro: 82A
  • Offset: 0mm
  • Contact: 31mm