Blood Orange Alpine Series 73mm 80a longboard wheels


Blood Orange Alpine Series 73mm 80a longboard wheels

** Sold as set of FOUR wheels **

If you are looking for a longboard wheel that can do it all, this is it. One of our go to wheels when someone says, what is the best wheel for my longboard? Let me explain.

The best wheel should have a big roll speed, grippy in a carve, wear gracefully and turn into your favourite wheel. Then when you think it is done, it becomes an awesome slide/freeride wheel. You core it. Repeat.

The shape is a classic longboard wheel, suitable for downhill LDP or general longboarding. Sharp edge. The size is on the large size, but not too big so it does not get wheel bite on drop through decks. The core, with its fibreglass reinforcement, supports the urethane, allowing the wheel to roll fast but not wear out faster. The durability of this wheel is amazing, stays fresh for so long.

The formula of urethane is where this wheel excels. Blood Orange are renown for their steezy slide wheels. There team is stacked with the best fast freeriders in the world. So their urethanes are build to slide. The Mountain Pass Formula (MPF) combined with the shape and core, have made a fast downhill wheel. The slide is very predictable. In a fast freeride or race, the wheel goes super smooth into a slide, and a fast easy hookup that gets you out of a corner or apex with lots of speed. This is one of the benefits of this wheel. Most downhill wheels you trash once they are broken in, sell them for whatever but these Alpines keep getting better. Take the top 5mm of urethane off and they become an awesome freeride and slide wheel. The shape does not matter as they wear down, the urethane is super smooth, you just want to slide into every corner. 

That's why you want these wheels, they are fun right to the core!  

For carve and cruising?
Big squishy lips that love digging into the pavement for tight carves, big roll speed, long lasting, in a royal white that matches any deck graphic. The perfect longboard wheel.


  • Formula: MPF
  • Size: 73mm
  • Duro: 80a
  • Offset core
  • Contact: 58mm