Cult 72mm Psychothane 83a Zilla longboard wheels


Cult 72mm Psychothane 83a Zilla longboard wheels

Price is for a set of four wheels

Cult is known for their amazing urethanes, and the Psychothane was their high rebound racing formula. It fueled their all star European team for racing domination. Super stars like the unbeatable Dominic Kowalski and the current world speed record holder Pete Connolly have been part of the Cult family. 

This is the green zilla wheel, who wants it?

Fat boys rejoice, we have your wheel. The Zilla looks pudgy and soft but it is a ripped stud. If you are over 90kg this is your wheel. A harder wheel will feel softer, so it will ride more like the 77a or the 81a. 

All the hardcore racers rave about this wheel but it still is a go to wheel for general all round longboarding. The shape grips, the urethane rips and it is fast rolling. Due to the urethane and shape, it rolls like a bigger wheel.

The best part is the colour. I know that sounds vain, but sometimes colour does matter. ABEC11 made this colour green, their signature colour, which has scared off a lot of manufacturers from making green wheels. If you sort by colour, there are not many green wheels. The Zilla changes all that, the big green monsters are waiting to be uncaged! 

We don't have many sets left, they will go fast at the discounted price.   


  • 83a 
  • 72mm x 54mm 
  • 52mm contact patch 
  • Formulated from PSYCHATHANE