Brands we distribute

Hopkin Skate has moved into distribution. We provide wholesale accounts for every type of reseller: skateshops, fashion stores, major retailers, schools, colleges and brands adding value such as board builders and distributors.

Products available to shops include: decks, completes, mini cruisers, longboards, race boards, trucks, wheels, bushings, grip tape and accessories. 

What makes Hopkin Wholesale different?

We know the pain of a skateshop. Our goal is to make it easy and painless to buy as a reseller. 

  • Simple online application. 
  • Free delivery no matter the size of the order! Just order what you need
  • No surcharges - pay with credit card, Paypal or bank deposit 
  • Option to pre-order/reserve off our brand imports (talk to us!)
  • Immediate shipping - we will not restrict you to a weekly order
  • Online ordering system, we have a live stock system, what you order is what you get. Our system will not allow you to order something we don't have.  
  • Simple returns, no question asked refunds.
  • Free Stickers! Every order gets free stickers.

Brands we distribute 

Rocket Longboards

Pantheon Longboards


Paris Trucks

Zealous bearings

Remember Collective

Riptide bushings and skate products

Luxe trucks

Bam Bam Skate

Urethane Burner


Bennett Trucks

Alligator Wheels



Lokton griptape

Boa Wheels

Tekton bearings

Dark Matter Griptape




Many more to come!!

We can only add a few brands at a time. If you are a brand and want real representation, connect to the Australian community, flow to local riders, prototype products, sponsor riders or events, or just know what sells and why your product is to Hop!