Pantheon Gaia complete


Pantheon Gaia complete

A complete fully assembled with Paris 150mm trucks with 50/43 split angles and 88 Wheel Co 80mm Maverick wheels. This setup may require you to tweak the bushings depending on your weight to avoid wheel bite in its stock configuration.

This is a big beautiful top mount! If you are looking for a board to push and carve, roll over small marsupials, and then bomb hills if required, this is your board. It is as simple as a single kick cruiser or a sophisticated downhill choose, this complete will do it all. 

Pantheon has reinvented the Gaia deck, with a new construction and a simplified design. Historically, the Gaia has always been a favourite deck for skaters worldwide. The classic single kick downhill/freeride board is a classic for good reason. They’re versatile, practical, and fun. The new Gaia gets rid of the microdrops and turns the platform into a fully rockered design with flush mounts to compensate for the rocker to get your trucks back to flat. Are you looking forward to standing directly on top of the trucks again? And having full freedom across the entire length of the deck!

Pantheon has increased the size and angle of the kicktail, and the overall concave continues to be a fairly mellow progressive radial with no flat portions anywhere across the deck. This deck is all about the vibe, with an oversized cruiser type of feel that will have you slashing carves in the neighbourhood streets and equally ready to point that sucker downhill and rip some slides. Expect to be able to do just about anything on this board!

The Summit Series construction on the new Gaia has this board lighter than ever, which really increases the playfulness and brings new elements to this deck for cruising and lower speed play that the older models just didn’t quite match. The Gaia is light enough to comfortably push around, kick into the air, and easily flick out low speed slides, and it is stiff enough to manage any hill you can send it down. The fiberglass and poplar construction is waterproof, stiff, lightweight, and it won’t warp over time like all-maple decks sometimes do, regardless of weather conditions.

Set Up

Wheels: Maverick 80mm 76a wheels
Trucks: Paris 150mm 43/50 degree split
Bearings: Zealous Classic high precision bearings
Hopkin stainless steel hardware
Pantheon black grip (factory applied)

Length 37.75" (95.88cm)
Width 9.2" (23.37cm)

Wheelbase: 24 - 25" (60.96 - 63.5cm)

Construction: Poplar Core, Fiberglass shell w/ polyurethane sidewalls and truck hole mounts. Fully waterproof design.