Pantheon Heirophant downhill complete

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Pantheon Heirophant downhill complete


This is an amazing complete! It is a one off, Hopkin assembled masterpiece!

We have used Caliber Precision trucks with 44 degree at the front and 25 degree at the back. Before skating please check for wheelbite with your weight and style. Bearings are Zealous Ceramic and the wheel are Maverick Pro. This board is designed to be a downhill god. Race or freeride. We can swap trucks to different angles if you want all 44 degree or a turnier 50 degree front. 

The Hierophant mimics the bowl nose of the Pantheon Seed/Tortuga mold with a mellower concave and longer W-concave that allowed for more rear foot freedom on a classic top mount design. One of the great features of this board is the longer wheelbase options and a wider deck which matches the narrower Caliber trucks with wider downhill wheels. The other sneaky feature is the micro-tail, so you can kick the board around for fun at the top of the hill and easily kick the board up into your hand at the bottom of the hill.

Pantheon have really showing their design skills with beautiful swoopy surf lines, flush mounts, and a killer graphic from Eddie Kihm, and "I think we can safely say this is one of the sweetest looking and feeling boards ever made. The technical requirements to make this W concave and flush mount fit together perfectly are hard to explain, and they really don’t need to be, but we doubt you’ll see another board like this on the market. This is truly one-of-a-kind!"

The Hierophant is built with the Pantheon“Summit Series” construction, featuring a lightweight poplar core and urethane sidewalls, as well as urethane in the truck hole mounting area, creating a completely waterproof package out of the box. The deck will not warp over time and will withstand weather of all types. Though no deck is perfectly durable, expect the Hierophant to be able to take a beating, and if you do manage to bust it open, usually fixes with this type of construction don’t go further than a little epoxy and a clamp.


Length 36.25" (92cm)
Width 9.4" (23.88cm)

Wheelbase: 22.75 - 25.25" (57.78 - 64.13cm)

Construction: Poplar Core, Fiberglass shell w/ polyurethane sidewalls and truck hole mounts. Fully waterproof design.