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    Hop Podcast #19 - Getting pitted with Jackson Shapiera


    I sat down with Jackson Shapiera and we talked skateboard.
    This is a fun podcast, there are a lot of great stories, and Jacko being real, telling his dumb grom stories and how he went from doing pendys out the front of his house to becoming one of the fastest skaters in the world.
    First skateboard a big flexy Sector 9.
    Canadian skater Jason from Vancouver worked at Manly Blades (now Manly SkaterHQ) and introduced Jacko to Chris Dahl slide videos.

    And one of Jacko's early slide videos, you can see the influence. That video has the best comment ... "great skating. geeze I hate Marilyn Manson"

    Hop met Jacko at the Cam Jam

    First photo I took of Jacko at Cam's Jam

    First photo I took of Jacko at Cam's Jam

    Jackson at Peyragudes 2008

    Jackson at Peyragudes 2008


    Aussie crew at Peyragudes 2008




    Rock n Roll


    The slalom set up Jacko raced on at Slalom World Championships 2008 in Sweden

    Jacko at Maryhill 2008


    The original Orangatang Team: Kevin Riemer, Patrick Switzer, Louis Pilloni, James Kelly...and Jacko!!


    Daddow at Maryhill 2008

    A lot of Aussies at Maryhill in 2008: Daddow, Yatesy and Jacko in picture from left to right.



    The Breakfast Show podcast



    What is the Breakfast Show?

    There is a question I asked a lot of the guests last year on the podcast, and it never made their episode. It is a test question, just to check my audio. The question is:

    What did you have for breakfast?

    To start Season 2 of the podcast (2019) I'm doing a wrap up of 2018, add in the breakfast questions I recorded. Ones I dont have I'll make up.


    I promised a Jevan's (Josh Evans) interview last year, it never happened...or did it? Josh and I did start an interview but never finished it, so I have about 10 minutes of audio. I've added it to this podcast as a bonus. I will re-interview Josh this season.

    Who is on the Breakfast Show? 

    It is a list of superstars! In order
    1. MaxB
    2. Emily Pross
    3. Jeremy Bogan
    5. Dan Pape
    6. Brennan Bast
    7. Harry Clarke
    8. Michael Brooke
    9. Mitch Thompson
    10. Matteo
    11. Calvin Skinner
    12. Thiago
    14. Andy Maunsell
    15. Ryan Villa
    16. Evren
    18. Kavon

    Who will be on the podcast in 2019?

    This podcast is the start of Season 2, give it a listen, I do a complete run down of where the podcast is going, who I have interviewed and who I want to might be you!

    We have a sponsor!!

    Our first podcast sponsor is Audible. Go to and you can sign up for a 30 day trial of Audible. What is Audible? It is audio books, literally anything you can read, can be listened too and a lot of times read by the author. The subscription gives you one credit that gets you a book. Listen to one book a month. Once you sign up for the trial, you can download and listen to a book, even if you cancel the trial you GET TO KEEP THE BOOK.  



    Hop Podcast #18 Kavon Zamanian: capturing pure downhill skateboarding



    My apologies for the sparse show notes. I accidentally deleted the show notes, they are not coming back, they are gone. I'll try to recreate them at a later date. Look on the bright side, I did not delete the audio!! And that is what you are here for.

    The euro video Kavon and I talk a lot about has been released, see below

    You can find Kavon Zamanian in these places:

    His website: KavonZ, if you are a brand with a budget, Kavon has an idea for you, hit him up on that website. 

    Red Dirt Motion <- this is the serious stuff mum

    Longboarding is dead over at KABOB Kabob

    You know he is important, he has his name url at facebook!!


    Hop Podcast #17 The Slide Jam Podcast!


    One of the local groms (Sydney North Shore) Brendan Bosnich organised a slide jam, the usual suspects turned up, and this is there excuse...

    Brendan Bosnich
    Started skating January 2018
    Started slide jam on blue 77a Kegels, but changed to Longboardmodel minipsy 

    Thea the skate mum - years as a skate mum? Not enough!! We love you Thea.

    Alastair Sanders
    8 years of skating
    Set up:  Bustin Shrike, Indy 169 trucks and These ATF wheels

    Lachie Re
    Rayne Anthem or Libido, Powell Scales - races on DUI

    Jacko's Dervish cricket bat (we need a photo!!)

    Luke Breaden
    2 years skating
    Set up: P Swiss pro model Fortune V2 with cast Liquids and Byron Essert wheels

    Riley Young
    5 years skating
    Set up: Jet Vulkan, Liquid RKP and ABEC11 Big Zigs 81a 

    Jackson Shapiera
    12 years skating
    Set up: Ripped HiJack the Jackson Shapiera pro model, Ronin Trucks, RAD Advantages

    Shannon Tully
    5 years skating downhill
    Set up: Rocket Mini Hades, Dont Trip Trucks, Reimer race wheels




    Hop Podcast #16 - Getting the band back together with Evren Ozan


    First skateboard was a Sector Nine Flex deck, not the pintail the one with a kick tail [sorry could find an image]

    You can find more about Evren and his music here

    Mark Golter use Evren music in some of his videos, the video below starts at when the music starts

    The next video really suits Evren's music - Desert Longboarding.


    Met Evren at Newtons in 2009, it was the IGSA World Championships.

    How did Evren meet the Sector 9 crew?
    EG lived in the neighbourhood. Mike Morrissey also lived nearby

    Called Sector 9 to see if he could get a S9 race deck, Erik Lundberg was in town and they ended up showing Erik the local hills, was introduced to all the Sector 9 crew. 

    EG Fratantaro - started a skateshop called Handplant 

    Laguna Beach Danger Riders

    Mark Golter - an early racer - had a group called LBDR in the 80s, Laguna Beach Mark's LBDR was Laguna Beach Downhill Riders. 

    Roger Hickey

    The scene blows up - Laguana Beach bans downhill 

    The Buddhist monk chiropractor goes by the name of Dr Sam. 

    Wheel sponsor - Lobo wheels from Poland

    New board company is Ozan Longboards

    Facebook and Instagram 

    New board is called Skyline deck

    The new shape with a kicktail could be called Mystic

    Who is LBDR: Liam Morgan, Yuppie family, Bryn and Roger Jones, some of the original guys: Wax and Riley Crone